News Report on ‘Refugees Welcome Here’ Rally

Hundreds of people greeted Jeremy Corbyn with a euphoric standing ovation last night in central London at a rally to allow refugees into the UK.

Organised by Stand Up To Racism, almost 700 people turned up to support their cause and listen to the 17 speakers from the likes of NUS VP’s, Guardian column writers and Rabbis.

Corbyn inspired the audience, and said: “We’re here because we want to see a world of peace, not a world of war,” finishing his speech over a huge cheer from the crowd when he said: “Yes, we will do all we can,  because we care, because we believe, because we are fellow human beings.”

David Cameron has agreed to letting 20,000 refugees into the UK over the next five years, which the organisers called “woefully low.”

Alice Nicholson, aged 32, who works for a local drama company for children has just come back from Calais for the second time, supporting the refugees there. “I relocated a 20-day-old Iraqi baby who was born prematurely.. whose family were being chucked out of a hotel just because they were refugees,” she said: “I just can’t believe anyone would be treated that way, I never thought I would see it in my lifetime.”

A young Syrian refugee girl called Nasma captivated the Labour leader and the entire room with her story of escaping a world of war, violence and rape, highlighting the dreadful conditions in which she had to live before being allowed into the UK with her mother and father last year.

She said: “I hope they, the government, would just listen to us.” She explained they don’t understand how difficult it is to be torn away from your family and home and to start a new life. Her brother and sister are still stuck in Turkey awaiting Visas.

stand up to racism


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