Photojournalism: Leake Street Tunnel

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Just behind Waterloo station lies Leake street tunnel, infamous for its ever changing graffiti. It is the biggest legal graffiti wall in the whole of London. Projects in this tunnel are constant, every time you visit it looks like a new tunnel, with new art and new artists baring their souls on the walls every day.

As of Saturday 12th December, a local woman gathered street artists to create a project dedicated to raising money for cancer research after she lost her father to bowel cancer earlier this year. Visitors were encouraged to join in, by spray painting the names of loved ones who have suffered or who they have lost to cancer.

The artists are always approachable and happy to talk about their work. Despite the slight smell of urine, the atmosphere is quite surreal and elated. It is a must see for anyone visiting London, or anyone who is living here. Every time you enter it is a new experience not worth missing.



Published by: MeganFF

I'm a young, aspirational journalism student at Kingston University trying to make a difference. Born in Kingston upon Thames, I have moved back here after spending most of my life growing up in Bristol. London is one of my favourite cities in the world, apart from New York, and as I have family it was a no brainer choosing to move back to this beautiful city. I have always had a passion for writing, however the topics I have wanted to write about has changed quite dramatically over the years. This blog will specifically document my journey as journalism student, preparing for the big bad world of work and taxes, as well as all of the opportunities the university are giving me. As of the moment, I am fascinated with the world of politics and crime having studied it within my A Levels subjects - History, Media Studies and English Language. Despite my huge interest in hard hitting subjects, I am obsessed with travelling to new places and meeting new people. I also love animals, discovering new music and watching films in bed (we all need a little time off from trying to save the world!)

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