Court Case News Story

A Kingston family in a pub fight are finally taken to court this week for assault occasioning actual bodily harm, nearly two years after the brawl.

The fight took place late on Friday March 14th 2014 at the Bricklayers Arms on Hawks Road in Kingston between three members of the Treacy family and Jeffrey Shergold, who left with a broken hand, bloody nose and bruised eye.

Diane Treacy, the mother of the family, gave her testimony on Thursday 21st January and said: β€˜ I saw just a bit of a scuffle of the floor, and then all of a sudden I see flashing blue lights, it was all quite a blur it happened so quick.’

The family were arrested a week after the fight and have plead not guilty to the charges, claiming they fought in self defence.

PC William Ross witnessed the fight whilst on patrol. He said in a statement: β€˜I saw two white males scuffling in the middle of the road, one was punched in the face and given a bloody nose. He was quite obviously drunk.’

It was revealed in court that the two families have had an ongoing feud for a long time, particularly between the wives, who have previously been violent with one another, yet it was not revealed why.

β€˜I don’t feel I am guilty of this crime.’ Billy Treacy, the son of Diane and Kevin Treacy said on the witness stand. β€˜He attacked my dad and I felt responsibility to protect him.’

The Treacy’s agreed Shergold was acting aggressively from the moment he entered the pub that night, and that it was him who threw the first punch once he had threatening Kevin Treacy. None of the Treacy family left the fight with injuries.

Shergold did not speak at the witness stand, as his lawyer said: β€˜His injuries and testimonies from doctors are enough to prove the defendants are guilty.’

The jury will go out and deliberate on Monday 25th January after five days of testimonies, and will deliver their verdict to Judge Kent the same day.


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