The International Workshop 14-15 April 2016

In a free two day event, speakers from Pisa, Sydney, Paris and more are set to talk about Hegel and the Concept of World History in a philosophical debate.

Click here for the full programme for the event.


At the Conference

This two-day conference is going to address questions about the concept of world history in relation to the form, function, and content of objective spirit as presented in the Encyclopaedia of the Philosophical Sciences and Elements of the Philosophy of Right.

In the opening speeches, university professors will discuss their views on the philosophy of history and a Hegelian contribution to the question of civil religion.

There will be panels for the rest of the event about: rights, freedom and justice; philosophy; state and religion; and biopolitics all in relation to Hegelianism .

Why to go

If you are interested in Hegelianism, history, world politics or just want to learn something new from some world renowned professors from around the world then this conference will be worth your while.

As complicated as Hegel’s theory sounds, this conference is aimed at everyone, not just university intellectuals so feel free to pop along for free and expand your philosophical knowledge.

Who is Hegel

Hegel is a German philosopher who influenced the  tradition of philosophy, and has become increasingly influential in the analytic tradition as well. He primarily talks about the evolution of knowledge. Hegel argued for a radically different method of understanding, which he referred to as the ‘dialectic’.

After the philosopher’s death,  Hegelians wanted to define the system’s middle grounds with the philosophy of history and other parts of Hegel’s teachings and early writings.


To book free tickets for the conference, click here. The registration deadline has been extended until April 10th.

For further information about this event, contact Hager Weslati at


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