Huge success at Kingston students Taking Race Live night

Students and teachers turn out in mass to support music and sociology students Taking Race Live on Tuesday evening.

Special guests Professor Paul Gilroy from King’s College London and Time Out’s rising star Jazz group Yazz Ahmed Quartet performed alongside Kingston students at St John the Evangelist church.

Organiser and music professor at Kingston University, Dr Helen Minors said: “It’s one of those projects which brings people together that don’t normally see each other so I think it’s a really good project to have funded.”

2016-04-12 18.49.38

About the event

This is the second year Taking Race Live has taken Kingston University by storm, and is organised almost completely by students in a year long project.

2016-04-12 18.07.53
Morgane Dilangu, a second year music student from France who performed at the event said: “We really worked hard together and I really like the atmosphere as a team. We didn’t expect to have that many people to turn up so that was a good surprised and we’re pretty happy.”

Amandeep Sinha set the tone for the enthusiastic student-led night with a performance on the Dhol, which was followed by speakers covering race and culturalism.

Minors said the project was about helping students apply the theories of sociology through arts practice, which she said: “Has been replicated in the trips we’ve done.”

Before the event, the students visited Tate Britain’s exhibition Artist and Empire and the Black Cultural Archives for a workshop and tour.

Kingston’s Diversity

Norway student Mapendo Zawadi said: “I love being able to see the way other youth people think and learn about their culture.”

“I really feel like there’s a lot of diversity at Kingston (University), it’s a good exchange of cultures and it’s full of open minded people,” Said Dilangu.

Kingston university currently welcomes students from over 150 countries (3,534 non-UK students).

2016-04-12 18.27.21Next Year

Minors spent the evening networking, and said: “There’s new ideas everywhere, so I’ve partnered up Sociology and Film, partnered up Media and Film, everyone wants to work together. It’s a true collaboration.”

It has not yet been confirmed whether Taking Race Live will be on again next year, but organising student Zawadi said she is hopeful and excited at the possibility.

For photos of the evening, click here


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